Friday, January 21, 2011

Heres a piece.

I noticed I have two I thought I had better write a piece for them.

Some people say there are 4 essential sides to a person. I disagree. There are six.
ONE: Emotional. A flashlight is for times of distress when no electrical power is available and simple for the piece of mind that in case of an emergency, light will be had. TWO: Hygiene. It doesn't matter how cool somebody may be; nobody likes to be around others who smell bad. THREE: Physical (Nutrition, etc) It has been said by one that if you don't have your health then you don't have anything. That may be true. FOUR: Your skin. In the winter for some reason my hands get really dry and get all these cracks that bleed and hurt, so I use Eucerin and it helps. FIVE: Mental. Development of the mind is essential for those who ever want to be happy in this life. I am studying architectural design right now, and I know that someday it might make me somehow happier then I am now. SIX: Spiritual. You can confound and confuse others with a simple knowledge of the scriptures. It also helps you figure out problems that arise in normal day to day situations, and it decreases the chances of you sinning as much as you would normally.

These are the six elements of a human being. No one is more important then another, but all together they create a perfectly balanced and rounded individual that knows how to make friends and influence others.