Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break at Saint Rafael and His Gigantic Swell

Wednesday Night David, Amy and I headed down South and picked up Amy's Friend Amanda in Spring City, then we went down to San Rafael Swell until Saturday. We hit Some nice hikes...Little Wild Horse on the first day and Ding and Dang on the second day. I still don't have my pictures developed, but some of the slot canyons got pretty narrow and we had to do some pro maneuvering. One of the main good things was the weather. It was probably 70 degrees during the day and we all got sunburned. The nights got chilly but I got all the sun I needed to finish out the rest of the cold season in Logan.

Heres where we camped the first night.
The tumbleweed burned like a charm.
About to bust out my swan diving skills.