Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother of all snowfalls

Friday night the snow descended upon Logan like when someone goes to put salt on their food and they don't realize that the cap was off.....and it ruins the food. Even though winter can get depressing after a while, you can always teach your trials a lesson by enjoying them every once in a while. So when all the streets were snow packed and abandoned late at night, me, David, and Jesse got the bikes out of the garage and cruised around town through the snow in the middle of the roads. We even ran some red lights and stop signs and then we rode down a big hill as fast as we could.
Also on Saturday night the band "Severe Potential" aka me, David, and Jesse, played a show at Fredrico's Pizza and had a good crowd come out. We are playing there again in three weeks. It was a good weekend and........... hopefully the snow melts fast.

picture by Natasha Manalang Nisson


  1. Holy Mosiacs, that's a lot of snow! Your blog has Severe Potential.

  2. You guys are going to land in jail if you're not careful...